Frequently Asked Questions

Theses are some answers to some of common questions that come in every year to help you understand how this site operates.  If you have other questions please feel free to email me and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Why do we do this?

As those who’ve served in many roles in competitive cheer – athlete to coach to official, we share a passion for making sure the website is run efficiently, with current and accurate data, and we also recognize the importance of this site to coaches, officials, fans, and others who love Michigan Competitive Cheer. We are honored to have been chosen for the position of Michigan Competitive Cheer website directors, supported by the CCCAM, to finalize the building and to continue the maintenance of this website.  We are very proud to continue our support of the sport of competitive cheer.

How accurate is the information on the site?

The information is as accurate as the competition tally sheets submitted. The new site software posts the competition results and automatically calculates the top-ten scores. It is important we receive the excel tally sheets so that we can import the data correctly.

How do you know who is attending each competition?

The HOST of the competition needs to upload a list to this website of participating teams based on the teams that have registered to attend.  The link to upload your list of participating teams can be found on the Competitions page in the blue box. The sooner we receive the listing of teams, the sooner we can update the site.

How do you get the competition results?

The host school is responsible for submitting the competition tally spreadsheet, in an Excel format, at the end of the competition.  However, coaches of participating teams may also email the
tally sheets to me if they have them to ensure they are submitted.  The official Excel tally sheet is now the ONLY way to get your scores posted to this website. We strive to make this website as current as possible ~ please send your results to us as quickly as possible so that we can maintain current records.

How do I send the results?

Email the competition tally sheets (in an Excel format) to Within 24 hours of the information being sent, we will have the results posted. If you are attending a competition and results are being emailed out, please ask the host school management to email results to include the website as well.